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Touring info

Cast of 9 – Crew of 3

Blackbox or proscenium theatre.

Stage dimensions: 8 meters w x 7 meters h x 6 meters d

Video projection on proscenium: 8 meters w x 5 meters h

4 double rooms – 4 single rooms

Crime and Punishment en el Caribe.

Saint Petersburg, under Imaginarios vision, is hot rather cold. You will find yourself navigating the mind of a Venezuelan student who is at times delirious and at times conscious of his reality. The adaptation and the audience will shift abruptly from moments of absolute realism to dreamlike beats of visual poetry.

A multisensory experience

Imaginarios has built a very strong reputation in Experience Design in Venezuela, our interest and passion is in creating atmospheres that aren’t necessarily obvious or logical. Our work merges music, text, video, movement, lights and space very organically. We love illusion and this show is full of illusion, it is a literary/multimedia maze.

The literature

The adaptation is legitimate, resulting of a year long thesis process at Columbia University MFA in directing back in 2007. The text adaptation was then mentored by Brian Kulick (Classic Stage Company – Shakespeare Society) and the first directing version was mentored by Anne Bogart (Siti Company). Since then it has grown deepening its caribbean roots.

Cast – Ensemble

It is a very peculiar mix of artists ranging from classical theatre actors, modern actors and folk singers.


Music is a fundamental part of the show. It mixes an incidental score by Xavier Losada with drums and pagan chants from the Venezuelan coast interpreted by genuine singers from the town of Barlovento. It has been described by audiences and critics as something that will take you “to the borderline of mystical delirium”


As described by the press “The set is a multifunctional object where windows, rooms, bars and offices simply appear after each other with a dreamlike quality” We couldn’t describe it better.

Venezuelan success

The version opened in 2014 at Centro Cultural Chacao in Caracas generating a viral effect of approval and word of mouth from influencers and regular audiences alike. The critics have compared the work of director Juan Souki to that of Carlos Giménez former director of Rajatabla who in the 70’s brought the company to wild international success.

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